Become a Mavenlink Expert

This two-day intensive Instructor-led class is designed to help team members become higher performers. The course contents include the following elements:

  • Presentations

    Expert-built module presentations will be presented live and will introduce all terms, concepts and details about the product that will empower you and your team as you collaborate together in Mavenlink.

  • Demonstrations

    Follow along as the Mavenlink Instructor demonstrates the salient features and best practices for each module.

  • Hands-On Exercises

    This is the area to put into practice all that you've learned from the Mavenlink Instructor. Hands-on activities and lab exercises are provided as part of the curriculum throughout the entire two-day intensive course.

Course curriculum

Instructor-led Classroom Pricing

Come to the Mavenlink Headquarters in Irvine, CA to experience this two-day Instructor-led course.

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